Can Broccoli Cure Cancer?



The breakthrough technology platform that broke mother nature’s code and unlocked her enormous medicinal chemical treasure chest.

So, can broccoli cure cancer? Unfortunately, it can’t, but an HerbalScience compound produced from Red Sage has demonstrated the ability to effectively treat solid tumor cancers! The answer to the broccoli question and the answers to the many other questions asked by medical scientists, physicians and consumers over the centuries about the specific health benefits of a food or spice required the invention and development of a platform of powerful new technologies.

In an intensive 12-year effort, HerbalScience recruited the global science teams which, together, invented and developed the diverse physical, chemical, genomic, proteomic, metabolomic and bioinformatic technologies required to create BRILLIANT™.

BRILLIANT™ is a proprietary, food-botanical-focused technology platform that allows our scientists to transform some foods into powerful next-generation medicines and pharmaceuticals. A new paradigm in the understanding, access and utilization of Nature’s enormous medicinal chemical treasure chest.

“Our Food Should Be Our Medicine and Our Medicine Should Be Our Food”

Hippocrates, the First Physician

While medical science has long known that food is the most important ingredient involved in human health, it unfortunately knew little about why or how food works to deliver its health benefits. Unlocking the secrets created over millennia by these botanical members of Nature’s advanced medicinal chemical community was thought to be an impossible task—just as smart phones, driverless cars and the mapping of the human genome were once thought to be impossible. As history has proven, time and the right advances invariably lead to new life enhancing technologies.

Foods and spices contain thousands of distinctly different single molecule chemicals whose quantities are in a continuous but controlled fluctuation. This makes it impossible to be able to, from harvest to harvest, obtain a consistent chemical profile—a condition needed to deliver a reliable, equally consistent health effect. When a food or spice is consumed most of its chemicals are utilized for energy, but some of its chemicals, known as phytochemicals, are utilized for health. Food’s phytochemicals work like man made pharmaceuticals in the human body to deliver their medicinal benefits with the major added advantage of accomplishing this task safely. Until the development of BRILLIANT™, medical and food scientists were not able to identify the suites of small molecule phytochemicals in foods that were responsible for bioactivity against a disease condition target or the human biological mechanisms these bioactive chemicals utilized to deliver their health benefits. This blind spot resulted in these natural chemicals almost always being removed by processing methods.

Finding the right keys to the right locks

Which food or spice is effective against a targeted disease or health condition?

And, which of the thousands of chemicals in a food or spice are the phytochemicals responsible for the bioactivity? Which human biological pathways do the identified phytochemicals utilize to deliver their health benefits? What specific food or spice processing methods and conditions are needed to produce a compound that: a) is batch repeatable, b) is Approved Pharmaceutical Ingredient quality from dose to dose, and c) delivers an effective dose related biological result? What dose amount of this compound delivers a safe and effective dose in humans? BRILLIANT’s™ proprietary databases and powerful software programs quickly and efficiently provide this information…and more.

BRILLIANT™ functions as a new drug discovery platform that has developed disease-condition-specific compounds from about 500 of the known 3600 different species of medicinal foods and spices. To assure pharmaceutical specification quality control, BRILLIANT™ also functions as a portable “bolt-on” quality control system that assures—from the selection of raw food feedstock through the finished compound process and on through the production of the final product the quality and experience the consumer expects. A finished product that truly captures the power of Nature and is clinically proven to successfully deliver a safer and more effective treatment therapy for many major disease conditions.

A Competitive Advantage

HerbalScience licenses the BRILLIANT™ Technology Platform to carefully selected leaders in the Pharmaceutical, Botanical Drug, Nutritional Supplement, Food and Agricultural industries. These exclusive technology licenses provide the HerbalScience licensee-partners with a major competitive advantage for their products by helping them achieve an appreciable product differentiation their consumers can actually experience and feel.